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Having access to a reliable plumber or HVAC technician that will come into your home and take control of the situation is what every homeowner wants when they have a plumbing, heating or AC issue. When you call C. Woods Company, you can expect the highest quality technical services and exceptional customer service with every visit. We serve both residential and commercial customers.

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High-Quality Plumbing Solutions

At C. Woods Company, we provide a range of plumbing services that will keep your home running smoothly. Whether you have a burst pipe, a stubborn drain clog or a gas line leak, we are available 24 hours a day to take care of it. Our plumbers have been active in our service areas for more than 60 years, and our reputation is that of a valued member of the community.

Heating and AC Solutions

When your AC or heating systems aren’t working well, we can come in and provide reliable repairs and installations to ensure everyone in your home is comfortable all year long. Losing your ability to heat or cool your home when you need it most is frustrating and more than a little unsettling. That’s why it’s imperative to have access to a top-notch service provider like C. Woods Company.

Fast Commercial Plumbing and HVAC Repairs

When you are experiencing plumbing or HVAC issues in your commercial building, it is important to act fast and get the problem fixed immediately. At best, your employees and clients will be uncomfortable, and at worst, you risk costly damages that could affect your bottom line, or even cause you to lose your business.

Things like a broken AC in the middle of summer or a clogged toilet on a busy day can cause extreme discomfort and cause your guests to leave with a bad impression about your business. On the other hand, a water leak that is left unchecked can become a much larger problem, causing water damage inside your walls and floors. Staying proactive and acting fast at the first sign of a problem will help to curb costly damages and discomfort for your employees and guests.

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Why to Choose C. Woods Company

No matter where you happen to be in our service area, here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when you work with us.

  • Expert Services Since 1956 – we have been in business since 1956, serving the community and building long-term relationships.
  • Dependable Emergency Repairs – we know plumbing, heating and cooling emergencies don't always strike during business hours. We offer 24/7 emergency service to keep your comfortable year-round!
  • A+ Business rating – the Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating.

Plumbing and HVAC Services in Tyler, TX

Map of Whitehouse, TX
Mark M.

Mark M.

Found condenser fan motor seized up when power was applied. Replaced motor and capacitor and monitored operations. Unit is older R22 system but running good. System running properly at this time.

Near Hagan Rd, Whitehouse, TX 75791

Map of Tyler, TX
Daniel E.

Daniel E.

Found system to have a slightly dirty evap coil a low refrigerant charge. Inform the customer that I could top system off for a temporary fix . Unfortunately due to the age of the system the cost of refrigerant and the possibility of not being able to find parts for the system the only permanent solution we have available is a complete system replacement. Project manager is scheduled to come out next Tuesday to provide customer with repair options and estimates. Please Call daughter Jan 903-590-0578 for all scheduling.

Near Sunset Dr, Tyler, TX 75701

Map of Tyler, TX
Daniel E.

Daniel E.

Primary drain line clogged. Upon approval I went ahead and cleared out drain and commenced to test system. System did fire up however there are a few other things that I found while I was an attic to be a concern. I found that the air handler has a lot of unsealed penetrations one of which allowed mice to get into the system and tear into the insulation and then that insulation was absorbed by the blower motor and dispersed through the home, now the air handler insulation is stuck on supply grills, the supply grills need to be removed and insulation discarded. Also found that the install crew plumbed in the primary and secondary drain lines to the same pipe and what’s going on is that all the debris caused by mice is getting into the secondary drain pan and making its way into the pipe which is shared therefore as soon as that clogs up it’s causing a system shut down. A new secondary drain line has to be ran and pumped out to the house soffit and primary drain line should be the only

Near FM2767, Tyler, TX 75708

Map of Mount Selman, TX
Daniel E.

Daniel E.

When I arrived the system was working. I checked all electrical components in both the air handler and the condenser and they all checked out good. Took a temp differential reading and refrigerant pressures and found the system indicated over charged by a bit, however I did notice the condenser coil is dirty and might be the one causing the high pressure. Also tested unit static pressure and found the ductwork to be poorly designed. As fiat as why the unit wasn’t cooling I suspect the dirty coil cussed the unit to go out on high limit, and provided customer with an estimated price to was it off. Customer is going to clean condenser coil himself. Customer informed that two of the far left rooms are always hotter than the rest of the house. I suggest the add one 14x14 return to each one of the rooms and run a 10” flex to tie in to the main duct . A plenum will have to be custom made on the existing return in order to be able to tap in the additional returns. Going to be sending customer

Near Nate Cir, Mount Selman, TX 75757

Map of Tyler, TX
Aaron H.

Aaron H.

Found system 1 pound low on our 410 a charge system and checked temperature split System is operating properly at this time notify customer of possible leak and he would like to call us back to perform a leak search next time it becomes an issue

Near County Rd 4173, Tyler, TX 75704

Whether you have a plumbing issue, or a problem with your heating or cooling system, help is just a phone call away. Just call us at 903-593-0246 today and we will schedule an appointment for expert service in Tyler, TX and surrounding areas.