Air Conditioning Services in Tyler TX

When you need expert air conditioning services, there's only one place to call. Reach out to C. Woods Company at 903-593-0246 for rapid, cost-effective service you can depend on.


Air Conditioning Services

Is your AC unit not cooling? Don't fret! We're here to assist!

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A fully operational AC system in your residence or business is vital for overall comfort. If your air conditioner encounters unexpected issues, having access to 24-hour AC repair ensures you'll be up and running promptly. At C. Woods Company, we deliver top-tier emergency AC repair for Tyler, TX residential and commercial customers, so you always experience comfort in your surroundings.

Signs of AC Trouble

Usually, your AC system will signal when maintenance or repair is needed. Problems such as leaking refrigerant, faulty thermostats, electrical glitches, and intermittent bursts of warm air suggest that attention is required. We're always on standby with our 24-hour emergency AC repair services, ensuring that no matter the challenge, we'll address it promptly.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

For business proprietors, maintaining your air conditioning is paramount to ensure the comfort and safety of employees and visitors. If your AC decides to malfunction on an extremely hot day, addressing the issue instantly is crucial. Investing in commercial AC installations and repairs guarantees a comfortable environment, preventing any potential loss of business. Collaborating with C. Woods Company ensures swift and accurate solutions that positively impact your operations and profitability.

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Reasons to Choose Us

At C. Woods Company, we provide superior emergency AC services to all of our customers, but that’s not all. We also offer these benefits that take our service to the next level.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service: Our team is available to handle your emergency needs 24/7.
  • A+ Rating: Our slogan is “C. Woods is the call that does it all” and the Better Business Bureau agrees, giving us an A+ rating.
  • Trusted Since 1956: For more than 60 years, we have been a trusted expert in the industry. We are a licensed Lennox dealer, so you know we deal in quality products.

If your air conditioning system falters and you need immediate assistance, call 903-593-0246. We'll promptly dispatch a professional to your Tyler, TX property with an effective remedy.