Safe and Effective Water Filtration System Service in Tyler

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There is no question that every homeowner is concerned about the quality of the water from their municipal water supply. Waterborne contaminants are common, and even if they aren’t dangerous or won’t make you sick, it’s still unsettling when your water isn’t as pure as it could be. At C. Woods Company, we offer a range of residential and commercial water filtration solutions in Tyler, TX, so you’ll always have peace of mind.

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Common Water Filtration Benefits

Having a high-quality water filtration system in place in your home provides a range of benefits for your family. Some of the common water contaminants you can hope to eliminate include chlorine, tannins, iron, excess magnesium and calcium, and even arsenic. With good water filtration, you can expect:

  • Monetary savings from not having to buy bottled water
  • Healthy water free from harmful impurities
  • Greater convenience for drinking water
  • Longer-lasting appliances from reduced mineral buildup

Different Water Filtration Systems

There are a few different water filtration systems that are common to homeowners in the Tyler area. These include:

  • Point-of-Use: these attach to sinks and faucets and filter the water as it comes out.
  • Reverse Osmosis: these use a semi-permeable membrane to filter impurities.
  • Carbon-based filters: these use several carbon filters to filter out impurities as the water passes through.

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