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Your comfort is critical, which is why it’s equally as important that you have a HVAC contractor you can trust to bring you efficiency and comfort through quality service and excellent customer service. Lucky for you, we’ve got that covered.

Since 1956, C. Woods Company has helped countless residential and commercial clients throughout Kilgore, TX and surrounding areas achieve greater comfort, savings and efficiency through exceptional services. We offer everything from furnace repair and AC tune-ups to heating installation and AC maintenance.  No matter what your needs are, we are the team you can count on to handle them all.

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Do You Need Furnace Repairs?

Although a furnace that won’t cycle when it should is an obvious sign of a unit in distress, there are plenty of red flags to look out for. If you notice any of the following signs, be sure to call us for furnace repairs in Kilgore:

  • Your furnace doesn’t turn on at all.
  • Your energy bills have risen unexpectedly.
  • You can smell natural gas from your vents.
  • You have cold and hot spots throughout your premises.
  • Your furnace pilot light is out.
  • Your furnace makes loud banging, clanking or weird sounds.
  • Your furnace runs but it doesn’t heat your home.

Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioner

Whether you’re simply looking to save money on your cooling bills or your current AC is failing you, installing a new unit may offer a great many benefits. Newer technology provides better cooling efficiency, saving you plenty on your utility bills. Likewise, an old or failing unit requires frequent AC repairs, so investing in a new one will eliminate these costs for years to come.

Even if your old AC seems to be working well, low cooling capacity and high energy bills could indicate that it’s not properly sized for your home. Simply installing a new unit that’s sized properly for your space can have a dramatic impact on your cooling costs.

Check out our helpful posts on how to maintain your heating and cooling systems. If you need personalized solutions, give us a call!

Emergency AC & Furnace Repair

HVAC systems tend to break down when you least expect it to happen. Whenever the heating or cooling system fails you, you won’t have to wait long for help when you call C. Woods Company. That’s because we offer 24-hour heating and AC repair services to fix all your HVAC problems and restore your comfort.

Call us within and outside of business hours for prompt services at affordable rates. Whether you need a minor heating system repair or furnace replacement, leave it to us.

Map of Kilgore, TX
Kyle  P.

Kyle P.

Cleared out stoppage from Clean Out at the left side of house. Stoppage is underneath house. Pulled out roots, tampons, and some paper. Everything in house is draining again. Ran camera and found that main line sewer needs to be repiped.

Near Houston St, Kilgore, TX 75662

Map of Kilgore, TX
Gabriel A.

Gabriel A.

Motor will arrive 4-5 days after ordering. Installed ECM blower motor and monitored the systems operation in cool mode. The system is operating properly upon arrival.

Near Co Rd 1114, Kilgore, TX 75662

Map of Kilgore, TX
Kyle  P.

Kyle P.

Customer having problems with floor throughout house buckling. Crawled under house and found one leak where plumbing transitions from PVC to Cast Iron. Clamp on Fernco extremely loose. Tightened fernco and leaked stopped. Crawled under rest of house searching for any other leaks on plumbing and found none. I did notice that a large vent running underneath house back to the Air Handler for the AC unit is dripping heavy with condensation and that all the wood around the vent is covered heavily with condensation as well.

Near W Woodlawn St, Kilgore, TX 75662

Map of Kilgore, TX
Ray A.

Ray A.

- remove ptrap on kitchen sink - run cable through kitchen line - hook ptrap back up - test kitchen drain line - any unforeseen will be additional ran cable through kitchen line all the way until we saw the cable in the main line cleanout in the front yard, there was water standing in the clean out in front yard so we ran our cable through there but hit no obstruction. The neighbors is holding water as well, advised customer to call city to see if they are havin tissues with sewer system Ran kitchen sink on hot water for about 15 minutes, no back ups occurred. Line is running freely as of right now 30 day warranty on the drain clear

Near Broadway Blvd, Kilgore, TX 75662

Map of Kilgore, TX
Michael  K.

Michael K.

Found that 30 gallon electric water heater was leaking at the bottom to to the age of the water heater, Shut off water drain and remove old 30 gallon electric water heater and install new 30 gallon electric water heater with new water heater pan, flood stop and expansion tank.

Near Hollybrook St, Kilgore, TX 75662

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