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The Possible Signs That You May Have a Faulty Water Heater | C. Woods Company

Is Your Water Heater Close to a Repair Issue?

Water heaters make modern life incredibly manageable and comfortable. However, a faulty water heater can immediately turn that into a nightmare. Not getting hot water isn’t the only sign of a faulty water heater. Knowing the other signs and symptoms can leave any homeowner ready and prepared to diagnose the water heater issue and decide whether or not that is actually the problem at hand.

Faulty Water Heater Symptom #1: Noise

noisy water heaterOften the first and most noticeable signs of a faulty water heater are strange noises. Most commonly, the noises occur when the water heater first starts to heat up. When strange noises combine with water that seems to be pooling around the base of the water heater, the homeowner should be prepared that they will more than likely need to replace their faulty water heater entirely.

Any popping, screeching, or sizzling noises should be taken very seriously. They can indicate mineral deposits on the bottom of the water heater, water flow restriction, or a water leak. Contact a plumber for further assessment.

Homeowners should be aware that some water heater noises coming from the water heater are perfectly normal. Crackling, for instance, is just a sign of possible condensation on the water heater’s burner.

Faulty Water Heater Symptom #2: Change In Water Color

A change in water color can also indicate a faulty water heater. Often this is due to the rust deposits that may have built up inside it, which changes the water to a rusty color. Any brown water should be taken very seriously, as there are other issues that may be a significant health hazard to anyone living in the home. In most cases, however, even though it may be unpleasant it isn’t dangerous.

colored water

This is usually due to corrosion that is happening inside of the faulty water heater. As the corrosion and rust grow, it tends to flake off and dirty water ends up coming out of the faucets. Many homeowners mistakenly try to treat the rust only, thinking that it is coming from the outside pipes. While this can’t hurt, it also only functions as a bandaid that doesn’t actually fix the problem. A plumber should be consulted to make sure the problem is accurately diagnosed and a solution is found.

Faulty Water Heater Symptom #3: Metallic Water Taste

metallic waterOne last symptom of a faulty water heater is that homeowners and their families will often notice a metallic taste or smell to their tap water. This is most commonly noticeable with hot water, and can also be present in the shower and bathtub water as well.

Some homeowners also describe the odor as being similar to rotten eggs. Problems with metallic water taste and smell can usually be solved fairly easily. In many cases, the anode rod in the faulty water heater needs to be replaced, or the entire water heater just needs to be flushed to get rid of debris and possible rust in the system.

To further help with the problem of metallic tasting water, consider installing filters on any tap water that people may drink.

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