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Should Homeowners Add Coils to the Spring Cleaning List? | C. Woods Company

Replacing Dirty Coils Can Improve an Air Conditioner

With all the cleaning and decluttering happening, there is one more item on the agenda: cleaning the coils in the air conditioner. It is a task that homeowners often overlook because who thinks about cleaning inside the air conditioner? Replacing the filters and getting an inspection twice a year should cover it. Unfortunately, an air conditioner can look like it's running smoothly without changing the coils but is working harder than it should. So, which coils are the correct coils? There are two types.

Understanding Evaporator Coils


The first set of coils is located inside the home and collects the dust and dander while sucking the heat from the flowing air. Every time the air conditioner kicks on, those little guys work to help the air conditioner push the proper temperature air through the vents.

With all the work they put in, they become dirty, and once the evaporator coils are dirty, the air conditioner has to work twice as hard to keep the air cool. And if the conditioner is working for too long with dirty coils, it can hurt the longevity of the entire system.

Check Outdoor Condenser and Compressor Coils Too


The second set of coils is located outside of the home. They are made of copper and hold the refrigerant in its liquid and gaseous forms. This refrigerant transfers the heat away from the flowing air and out of the house. These coils are a significant part of the air conditioner and how well the air in the home cools. 

These coils shouldn't need to be changed every eight years if the air conditioner is kept in decent working condition, but once the coils are bad. The home's air will feel slightly warmer than the desired thermostat temperature.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Proper cleaning and maintenance of a home's ac coils can improve its air conditioner's longevity and performance. A professional air conditioning and heating company should be scheduled to ensure proper care to clean and service the system. Once the professional arrives, they will usually inspect the entire AC unit before moving to the coils. 

By hand, they will remove all large debris from around the coils and inside the system. After all extra substance is removed, they will continue and spray oil that will evaporate when the unit runs. These services should be done yearly alongside the spring or fall check-up for lower utility bills and higher efficiency cooling.  

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