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Proving Bathroom Stereotypes Wrong - C.Woods Company


Proving Bathroom Stereotypes Wrong

It’s common for men to believe women’s restrooms are a sparkling magical place, and for women to believe that the men’s restrooms are the most disgusting place on earth.

In reality, these stereotypes are part fact and part fiction. But, if everyone did their part, no bathroom would need to be disgusting or have plumbing emergencies, hence the reason for this post on bathroom etiquette.

In the past, Bradley Corporation found that 63 percent of people have had an unpleasant experience in a public restroom--don’t contribute to that statistic!

If you were out partying for St. Patrick’s Day and went to a public restroom, you might have come across some pretty disgusting restrooms, so hopefully, that will be motivation to make any improvements necessary and to share this post with others.

Hovering and Semi-Aiming: Problematic at Best

toiletcleaningWomen’s restrooms can be kept nice but other times they can also be horrendous, with pee all over the toilet seat or clogged toilets.

Sometimes men’s restrooms are clean but other times there’s pee all over the floor and a stench that carries all the way over to the ladies lined up outside the women’s bathroom.

What's worse, about 85 percent of women "hover" over the toilet, rather than sitting all the way down, which causes messes in the women’s bathroom. Men often don't aim well, but in experiments that have been done, putting a target in the urinal will reduce urine spillage by 80 percent.

With these things in mind, bathrooms would be a better place if users took a few extra minutes to be careful, or else to clean up the mess so that other people don’t need to be disgusted.

Avoid Wreaking Havoc with Items

disposingIf you have trash in your pockets, or hygiene products, thrown them away in the bathroom trash can or in the disposal bin in the bathroom stall. They should not be flushed down the toilet.

The only thing that should go down the toilet is human waste and toilet paper. Unfortunately, people might purposely or accidentally throw away other so-called “flushable” items like wipes, or products like diapers or cooking oil.

Anything other than toilet paper and human waste can cause damage or blockage to the pipeline, or cause septic tank problems. When a blockage is bad enough, repiping might be necessary, and that can cost thousands of dollars. So even though “time is money,” a few extra seconds of caution in the restroom is far less costly than careless mistakes that can wreak havoc on the bathroom.

A New Resolution

plumbingemergencyDespite your best efforts, it’s still possible to make mistakes or to drink more than you can handle.

Perhaps you flushed the wrong item down the toilet, used too much paper and clogged the toilet, or maybe your bad habit of flushing the toilet with your foot damaged the flush handle.

At any rate, your actions, or the actions of the people before you, can cause a plumbing emergency. Do your part to #keepyouraim when you’re at home and in public!

Although you might not care what happens at your house, it’s helpful to build habits at home, which also has the benefit of letting you be prepared for the unexpected company dropping by to visit you.

And should a plumbing emergency arise, don’t hesitate to call C.Woods Company at (903) 593-0246. Our experts are available 24/7 all year including holidays, ready to help you with whatever crisis you face, whenever you face it.