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You Can Use DIY Techniques For Small Air Conditioning Repairs! | C. Woods Company

DIY Tips for Air Conditioning Repair

When you call an HVAC technician to fix your air conditioning, there are several steps they go through to troubleshoot issues. These steps are simple ones that you as a homeowner can take charge and do before you call the technician.

Often times, when troubleshooting your unit with these steps, you can solve issues and save yourself a bigger bill at the same time. Try each of the pro tips below when you notice issues with your unit before calling for professional services. 

Check Your Thermostat for Problems

thermostatsAs simple as it sounds, simply checking your thermostat has the possibility to “fix” your air conditioning and save you a repair bill. What can happen with the thermostat that impacts your air conditioning? A number of things.

First, check to make sure it’s not in the “off” position. If the unit got bumped or reset due to a power outage, it could be off. Second, check the battery. If the unit’s battery is running low, it may not have enough power to run your air conditioning.

Change the batteries and check to see if your thermostat starts working properly. Finally, check the wiring hooked up to your unit. If it has come disconnected or been chewed through, it’s not going to function properly and your air conditioning will not function properly, either.

Change Air Filter Monthly

Your HVAC unit is equipped with at least one air filter. This is important to know because this is the piece that filters dust, debris, allergens, and mold spores out of the air you breathe. When air circulates through the HVAC unit, it makes the air inside your house easier to breathe. What this means, however, is that over time the filter will fill up with the dust and dander it’s filtering out of the air.

air filters

When left for a month, it reaches its maximum capacity to filter the air. At this point, it’s having to work harder to continue circulating and filtering the air. Eventually, the filter won’t be able to trap any more debris from the air, and the unit will draw much more power to work properly. Filters are only meant to last for one month before they need to be changed. By changing your filter each month, you keep your system working optimally, and help ensure proper functioning for years to come.

Frequently Clean AC System

clean systemThe condenser unit for your central AC system is outside, out of sight, and out of the way. Because of its location, it often gets forgotten and ignored all year long. This part of the HVAC system, however, should be regularly maintained and frequently cleaned.

When dirt, grass clippings, leaves, and debris coats the fan blades of the condenser, the machine has to work much harder in order to cool the air coming through the system before it gets pumped back into your house.

When cleaning, be sure to disconnect the power source from your unit. Remove any large debris by hand, and hose the dirt and dust accumulated on the machine.

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