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What Plumbing Tools Do Contractors Use? | C. Woods Company

What Exactly is in a Plumber’s Truck? 

For anyone that owns a home, chances are that a plumber has been to the house to fix plumbing issues. As with everything in a home, plumbing needs professional attention occasionally to keep everything running smoothly. But how do plumbers so easily fix difficult problems? The answer lies in the ingenious and specialized tools they use daily. 

For anyone who has ever wondered what plumbers use to accomplish their jobs, here is a sneak peek into their toolbox. Without these special tools, civilized life wouldn’t be possible. Here are a few examples of what plumbing tools are used to keep the home running smoothly.  

Common Hand Tools 

toolsHand tools are the first set of plumbing tools to discuss when looking in a plumber’s tool bag. From installation of new plumbing infrastructure to plumbing repairs, there are very few tools plumbers DON’T need. This means that screwdrivers, pliers, and hammers are commonly used. But certain tools do the most work when it comes to plumbing. 

Plumbing presents a unique physics problem that plumbers must overcome every day: how does one grip and turn a round pipe? Over the years, numerous tools have been used to tighten pipe joints; the pipe wrench is the most common and recognizable tool for the job. These special plumbing wrenches use tapered teeth to grip round pipes so they can be tightened properly into fittings. Other common plumbing wrenches include basin wrenches used to reach plumbing fittings in tight spaces. 

Finally, no plumbing toolkit would be complete without tools to cut piping. Pipe cutters are most common for copper piping while ratcheting cutters are used for plastics like PEX and PVC. With all these tools, a plumber can do almost anything. 

How Do Plumbers Stay Safe?  

Plumbing has to be done safely if it is going to be done at all. Not only do plumbing contractors need to protect themselves, but they also need to protect the homes and property of their customers. They put their experience to work while using specialized safety equipment to do this. Some of the safety equipment that is never out of arm’s reach for a plumber are:

  • Safety glasses
  • Rubber gloves
  • Leather gloves
  • Gas sniffers to locate gas leaks
  • Pressure testers to verify gas and water pressure
  • Sturdy footwear

Specialized Tools for Difficult Jobs 

toolsWhen people think of plumbers, the first thought that comes to mind is drain cleaning. Drains are notorious for causing problems in a home, and when disaster strikes, plumbers need to be able to help. To remove difficult clogs and deal with sewer line problems, plumbing contractors use devices like: 

  • Sewer Inspection Cameras: Plumbers use sewer inspection cameras to locate the source of sewer line problems. This makes their repair very accurate and allows them to give accurate estimates. 
  • Hydrojets: Hydrojets clean the inside of pipes to remove incipient clogs. Using hydro jets leave pipes clean and clog-free. 
  • Drain Snakes: These implements come in various sizes to treat any size drain. Small handheld devices remove clogs manually, while large motorized units tear through difficult sewer clogs. 

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