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Ways to Stop Bad Heating and Cooling Habits in 2022 | C. Woods Company

3 Heating and Cooling Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

As the year begins, homeowners should understand and learn from their mistakes. HVAC systems are expensive to fix, so it is easier and more affordable to maintain the system! Below are three heating and cooling mistakes to avoid this upcoming year.

Not Replacing Air Filters Frequentlyfilter

Air filters need to be replaced every 1-3 months; however, the frequency changes with each situation. Homeowners can replace air filters independently, but it is best to leave it to the professionals. Air filter replacement services are safe and trustworthy since the technicians can find the exact size you need.

If homeowners don't replace their air filters at least once a month, it can lead to health issues and an overall decrease in the quality of their HVAC systems. When too much dirt or debris clogs in an air filter, it can block the central air conditioning system's ability to blow air and move air freely.

The dust and debris can also accidentally get caught in the central heating system, damaging it. Homeowners who notice a difference in how long it takes to heat and cool should look at replacing their air filters. The frequency increases if there are pets in a home that sheds.

air vents

Closing the Air Vents

Air vents should stay open. If homeowners close the air vents without warning, it can cause a pressure imbalance inside and outside the unit. Air conditioning units blow air into a home to cool or heat home. The air has nowhere to go if the system is on, but the vents are closed. Instead, it accumulates inside the air vents, causing a pressure imbalance that can damage the system over time.

Instead of closing the air vents, homeowners can position them so the air does not travel directly to them. However, the closed vents can cause permanent damage, which needs a heater repair technician.

Opting Out of Maintenance 

AC maintenance is necessary a minimum of two times a year. However, homeowners may need to do maintenance more frequently, depending on their situation.

Maintenance includes looking for any leaks, bumps, and levels of liquid. A maintenance technician can make the necessary changes to prevent further damage to the central heating system.

When opting out of maintenance, homeowners place themselves in situations where their systems don't last long. Usually, heaters are good for ten years before they slow down or malfunction. If a heater or ac unit does not get serviced frequently, it can lead to an earlier malfunction. 

Many companies provide memberships and maintenance plans. Homeowners should look for local HVAC companies that provide these benefits. The plans and memberships lower the overall cost of maintenance. 

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