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Top Signs Air Duct Replacement Is Needed | C. Woods Company

How Can Old Air Ducts Affect the Home?

With the high rate of moving between homes and apartments, it’s hard for modern-day homeowners to know how old their household systems are and when they might be in need of repair. A house that has been standing for 60 years is more likely to need its plumbing redone if it’s been left alone since being built, but a new homeowner might not know if previous owners have gone and repaired or replaced those systems. 

This is equally true for the air duct systems in homes. However, homeowners should be more concerned with their ductwork because it directly impacts multiple aspects of daily life, which will be covered in this article. 

Is the Ductwork Old?

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Ductwork that has been allowed to age in the home is bound to create a host of problems that could exhibit itself in multiple ways inside. Like anything in the home, ductwork can deteriorate with time and have issues like leaks, cracks, mold, and even collapsed sections that don’t allow air to pass through. Because the ductwork often resides in the attic, it can be challenging for homeowners to assess the health or condition of their system. Luckily, there are some telltale signs they can look out for that will be explained below. 

Are There Spikes in Utility Bills?

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When a part of the home’s HVAC system isn’t working correctly due to age or a problem in the system, homeowners will see an increase in their utility bills. This happens because the ductwork system has to use more energy to do the same amount of work as it used to when the system was brand new. 

The aging ductwork also requires more energy to work because the system has to work longer to keep the home as cool or warm as normal. Not only can this increase utility costs, but over time, it can also cut the lifespan of the air conditioning system as a whole. 

Has Air Quality Declined?

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Another strong indicator that ductwork is aged and needs to be replaced is when there is a decrease in air quality in the house. This might be a decrease across the whole house or in various rooms where the ductwork has to work harder to get air into. This decrease in air quality could also be caused by a part that has worn down and is possibly contaminating the air that leaves the air ducts. In this way, homeowners may suffer from bad sleep and illness.

For homeowners that notice such problems in their home, it would be a good idea to do a preliminary inspection of the air ducts and vents to see if age might be an issue. Look for signs of rust, damage, or even excess buildup of grime and dust. Of course, homeowners should also contact an experienced HVAC company for a more in-depth inspection as well. 

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