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Tips for Understanding Your Air Conditioner | C. Woods Company

The Importance of Air Conditioner Services

Virtually every home in the United States has an air conditioner. Air conditioners are needed to keep everyone from baking alive in the house during the summertime. Everyone is thankful for that cool air. The question is; how many people actually know how it works and what it’s made of?

While air conditioners are big and can be complicated, the way they work is actually relatively simple to understand. In this article, AC unit techs share FAQ answers with the general public about air conditioners and how they work, which can help when calling for air conditioner services.

What Are the Parts of an Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner, as a unit, is composed of multiple parts that make it run and cool down your house. Most air conditioning units consist of an outdoor unit, or the condenser, and the indoor unit, or the cooling compartment. The indoor unit is also called the indoor evaporator unit.

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The indoor unit consists of a fan that is instrumental in moving the air back and forth. The indoor unit also has an evaporator with evaporator fins. In order to make the whole unit work, a liquid called the refrigerant is used to cool the air. The outdoor unit consists of a compressor and a condenser coil. An expansion valve connects the two chambers.

How the Parts Work

working acThe air conditioning starts with the refrigerant. The compressor condenses the refrigerant and circulates the liquid through the outdoor unit. The liquid is then passed through the expansion valve and forced into the cooling compartment.

Once there, the fan inside the cooling compartment circulates air inside the unit and passes across the evaporator fins. The fins are hot and exchange heat with the air around them. This causes the refrigerant to change into a gas and remove heat from the air around it.

Now the cool air is blown into the house and the gas moves to the outside unit. The condenser turns the refrigerant from a gas back into a liquid, which removes heat from the refrigerant. The process then starts again and continues until the house has reached your desired level of cool.

When You Need Help - Trust a Pro

You now know how your air conditioning unit works. Even so, it is still best to let professional technicians perform any fixes that your air conditioning unit might need. There are multiple reasons why it would be better for a technician to fix your air conditioner.

The biggest reason is that air conditioner parts are expensive. While it is good that you now know how your air conditioner works, they can be complicated to fix and are prone to breaking.

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Those with technical training will not only be able to make sure your air conditioner is fixed, but most places also cover any damages that are incurred by the technician if something breaks. By using a tradesman, you can get quality work done on your air conditioner without having to worry about breaking a component and having to buy a new one.

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