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Take Refreshing Summer Drinks Up a Notch With Clean, Filtered Water! | C. Woods Company

Reasons Every Homeowner Should Install a Water Filter This Summer

Water. It’s all around and such an integral part of life itself. Without water, none of the life on earth would be here. And summer seems to be the time when most people become more aware of water. Whether they’re playing in it to have fun and cool off, chugging it down to replenish the body’s liquid, or using it for watering the lawn, water is a big part of everyday activities. But the water that goes into (and comes in contact with) bodies is the most important water to people’s wellbeing. This is why a quality water filter is a must-have this summer. 

Better Taste All-Aroundfilter

Everyone at some point has tasted some not-so-good water. It’s hard to describe sometimes, but other times it has a chemical or simply a bad taste. Unfortunately, most tap water doesn’t taste so good. The water coming out of the tap is technically safe to drink, but when it has a funny taste, it’s the body’s way of signaling that something isn’t quite right. 

A water filter is the best way to eliminate impurities in the water that make it taste funny. And it doesn’t just help the pure water that people drink. It also helps make other things taste better too. Coffee and lemonade suddenly have a better taste (and smell). The same goes for cooking and bathing. No more bad taste!

Protects Against Dangerous Chemicals

Another reason everyone should have a filter is that they remove dangerous chemicals and bacteria that can sneak into the water supply. Technically, most water in America is drinkable (Flint notwithstanding). But that doesn’t mean that homeowners should leave it to chance. A lot can happen to the water between the treatment plant and the home. Sometimes agricultural chemicals seep into the supply, like insecticides and pesticides.

Some chemicals in the water are thought to be safe in low doses, but there’s a very low barrier for getting a filter. If the chemicals are allowed to build up in one’s body, it can be harmful in the long term. 

Helps Detoxify the Bodydrinking water

In addition to removing chemicals and bad tastes, filtered water can help detoxify the body. Water is essential for helping the body flush out toxins. This is why people are supposed to drink 15.5 cups of water a day for men and 11.5 cups a day for women. Drinking clean water helps keep the body healthy and toxin-free. 

There are many options for water filters in a home. The best options are whole-home filters because they clean all the water in a home. This eliminates absorbing harmful chemicals or drying out the skin with chlorine during bathing, brushing, or washing hands. The next best option is an under-sink filter. Those looking for the best filter possible for their home should contact a professional plumbing company for help with selection and installation. 

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