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Honor Independence Day With These Patriotic Air Conditioning Facts! | C. Woods Company

Surprising But True Air Conditioning Facts

July is fast approaching, and that means Independence Day is almost here! With rising temperatures coming this summer, the air conditioner will be very popular for many homeowners and their families. With that said, what better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with patriotic air conditioning facts!

While the air conditioners will be getting a lot of attention during the hot summer months, very few people know much about their air conditioners - other than how to turn them on and off! Read on for some weird but surprisingly true patriotic air conditioning facts.

National AC Day Is July 17th!ac

Yes, that's right. There is an actual day dedicated to honoring air conditioning! This may come as a surprise, but think about it: people use their air conditioners so much, so doesn't it make sense to set aside a day to honor the systems that bring so much joy and relief?

There are several different ways that homeowners and their families can commemorate National Air Conditioning day this year. For example:

  • Hiring a professional to do AC maintenance
  • Turning off their AC to conserve energy
  • Upgrading to a new AC system if they are in need of one

While homeowners should do the above year-round, there is no better time to care for their systems than on National AC Day this year!

AC Was Invented in the United States!

That's right, many people probably assumed that air conditioning was invented abroad, but in reality, this was invented right here in the United States. More specifically, Willis Carrier invented air conditioning in 1902 in the state of New York. It is funny to think that there was a time when air conditioning did not exist, but indeed this was the case.

Before this, homeowners and their families would have to rely on fans or fresh air to cool their homes. As people can probably imagine, air conditioning was a life-changing invention for the people who could afford it at the time. Nowadays, having air conditioning or walking through air-conditioned areas is relatively commonplace, but people should most certainly not take it for granted!

The Phrase "Summer Blockbuster" Originated From AC!theater

Many people have probably heard the phrase "summer blockbuster," but not too many people know where that comes from. In reality, air conditioning is to thank for this phrase! Back in the 1930s, air conditioning was still a relatively new phenomenon, so people were trying to find any excuse or way to access air conditioning that they could since many still did not have it in their homes.

Thus, many people would go to the movie theater to enjoy air conditioning (and, secondarily, to enjoy a movie). So, in reality, summer blockbusters did not come about due to movies at all.

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