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Don't Make HVAC Mistakes This New Year | C. Woods Company

Common HVAC Mistakes To Watch Out for in 2021

Many homeowners make mistakes in maintaining their HVAC systems without even knowing. Such errors usually affect the HVAC units' performance, leading to increased energy bills, compromised air quality, and other related consequences. 

The good news is it is possible to avoid such mishaps by following some easy and practical tips. While there are many HVAC mistakes that homeowners make, here are the most common ones. 

Not Using the Right Air Filter

Air filters play a vital role in determining the quality of air homeowners receive in a dedicated space. When air filters are in good condition, the quality of air improves drastically. On the other hand, when the air filter is faulty, or an improper filter is installed, certain problems may arise. 

Such problems may include: 

  • An unnecessary increase in energy use
  • Release of unfiltered air
  • Indoor air pollution
  • Lack of hot or cold air ventilating
  • Excess dust in the home


Disregarding the Importance of Regular Inspections and Maintenanceletters

Some homeowners may not understand the importance of regular inspections and maintenance for these HVAC systems, especially old ones or ones in seemingly good condition. The fact that an HVAC system functions properly does not mean that it does not need an inspection. 

Scheduling regular inspections and maintenance helps identify possible HVAC problems in advance, consequently fixing them before they escalate into a bigger and more expensive problem. For example, when an air filter releases impurities, it is usually undetectable to the homeowners. It takes the intervention of an HVAC technician to identify such a problem. This not only saves money but can also be life-saving in cases where toxins and fumes are released into the air. 

Leaving Professionals Out of the Entire Process

It is one thing to identify a problem with the HVAC system and a different thing to know what to do afterward. To save money, which is understandable, some homeowners may attempt to fix these HVAC systems independently. However, the benefits of hiring HVAC maintenance experts outweigh attempting to fix such complications by one's self. 

Firstly, experts are specifically trained to handle these types of problems - it is what they do all day. Secondly, there is always the potential of another issue arising when trying to solve an existing one, which explains why it is always advisable to involve experts. 

hvac technician

Homeowners need to understand qualified technicians are trained, licensed, and able to ensure the services in which they provide. In addition, such experts can further advise the homeowner on how to better care for their HVAC systems, ensuring peace of mind that their home and families are safe and healthy.

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