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How a Plumber Can Become Your Clean Water Superhero

How a Plumber Can Become Your Clean Water Superhero

clean water superhero plumber

Superheroes don’t just live in comic books. They perform real-life duties that save the day for average people. In that sense, your neighborhood plumber here in Tyler, TX is your family’s superhero. While he doesn’t treat the water you drink, he makes sure that clean water can safely and conveniently be accessed in your home. Clean water is essential to good health.

What’s more is that your superhero plumber also works hard to save the planet by reducing household water waste. As a bonus, he is also saving your wallet- by reducing your water bills through water conservation. Here is what you should know about your plumbing, your health and the health of the planet.

How Plumbers Ensure You Have Clean Water

ensure safe and clean waterMost often tainted water gets contaminated at the source, like from pollution, improper water treatment or soil conditions. However, it is very possible that your water could be contaminated if there is something wrong with your plumber, which is when you rely on your superhero plumber to save the day.

If your pipes suffer undue pressure, they can crack and be damaged. In some cases, the nature of this damage causes backflow to occur, meaning that water flows through your pipes in the opposite direction that it is supposed to.

That means wastewater may contact clean water en route to your taps. To avoid this danger, have your pipes inspected regularly and fixed immediately when a problem is detected.

Do you know what your pipes are made of? If they contain lead (which many pipes do) then lead could leach into your drinking water. Avoid this by upgrading your pipes to PVC.

How Can We Aid Plumbers With Water Conservation?

save waterPlumbers get the ball rolling for you with water conservation by fixing plumbing leaks right away. A small leak may not seem like a big deal, but it is.

You can make his job easier and increase the impact on water conservation by being on the lookout always for leaks, so that you can attend to them before they have a chance to develop into something bigger.

Watch for pooling water, mold growth, musty smells, sounds of rushing water behind the walls when things are turned off and an unexpected hike in your water bills.

Don’t Endanger Your Health

lady having health issuesYou may not worry about your plumbing and your water quality, but you should. Did you know that serious illnesses like Hepatitis A, salmonella, E. coli and others can be contracted if you drink water-borne pathogens?

You can get extremely ill or in some cases, your life can be threatened. It’s worth preventing.