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How a Permit Can Protect Your Plumbing Project | C. Woods Company

How a Permit Can Protect Your Plumbing Project

There's no question undergoing a big kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can do wonders for your home. Not only does it raise the property's value, but it will boost your quality of life. Before you get started, however, you must be sure you're following all municipal rules and regulations.

Many home renovations require a permit to complete. If you ignore this part of the process, the consequences could be costly. There are far more reasons why you should get a permit than you should neglect one.

It offers both financial protection and helps ensure every part of your project is structurally sound. Not sure how? We've written this article to help. Here's what a permit can do to protect your bathroom or kitchen plumbing project.

Permits Can Save You from Costly Trouble

“penaltyfine”By not applying for a permit, you could be setting yourself up to lose quite a bit of money both now and in the future. If, for example, you decide to sell your home, part of the appraisal process will determine whether or not any renovations included the use of permits.

If there were any unauthorized changes or additions to your plumbing, it could impact the valuation. There is also the possibility that when any potential buyers learn remodeling projects were done without a permit, they might decide to walk away from a deal because they see your home as unsafe, which it very well may be.

If at any point during the renovation process you're discovered by an official inspector to be performing illegal construction, you might be served a big fine by the local government. On the other hand, if you're holding a permit, there will be no consequences. You won't have to stop your kitchen or bathroom remodeling, and your project won't suffer any setbacks. Permits are the right way to protect your investment.

Licensed Professionals Pull Permits

“noprofessional”Any licensed kitchen or bathroom remodeling professional worth their salt will make sure to pull the right permits before starting a project. If they insist on doing this, homeowners should as well.

These experts know all too well what can happen if you're caught adjusting plumbing without a permit. Many of them will even offer to pull permits as a regular part of their services.

Be sure if they don't do this that both parties come to an agreement on who should be responsible for the application. If you need their guidance on acquiring a permit, don't hesitate to ask them. Keep in mind that they may be inclined to turn down a job if a homeowner refuses to obtain a permit first.

There Are Strict Safety Standards

“safetystandards”There's a particular process that must be followed when acquiring a permit. It may be a nuisance, and sometimes you will be charged a fee during the application, but there's a reason permits exist.

They're designed to protect the safety of homeowners and neighboring residences, and permits ensure all building projects follow a strict code. If you have any queries about pulling permits in your area, contact Tyler, TX municipal offices.