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March 20th Marks the Beginning of Spring

March 20th Marks the Beginning of Spring

spring-is-hereThe end of winter is just about here, and spring is almost upon us. But for those unlucky Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, the coming of spring is often a mixed blessing that means sunshine, sneezing, great weather, and runny noses.

So for all of our customers out there who do hate spring because it means pollen and coughing, here are some ways you can reduce allergens in your house and keep your symptoms under control this season.

Controlling Allergens in the House

Allergies can ruin everything. It’s like being sick, but the symptoms never go away, and it’s nearly impossible to find relief. But while you may not be able to control the environment outside, you can certainly take control of the air inside your house to make your home an allergy-free zone for you and your family. Here are a few ways you can do that:

closed-windowDon’t let allergens in: Keep your windows and doors closed, especially on high pollen days. Install HEPA filters on all air intakes coming into the house, and particularly the air conditioner. Shower and wash your clothes when you come in from outside.

Reduce allergens around the house: Dust and vacuum twice a week. Get rid of the carpets if you can, because bare floors provide fewer places where pollen and dander can hide. If you have area rugs, wash them weekly. Run air purifiers around the house, especially in rooms where you spend a lot of time, like the living room and bedroom.

Keeping Pet Fur Under Control

pet-allergensPets—we love them. They're part of the family. But they are havens for allergens! This is a double whammy if you have seasonal and pet allergies, because saliva, urine, and dander—the things that cause reactions—hide in the fur of your dogs and cats. Also, seasonal allergens like pollen and mold will hitch a ride on your pup or kitten’s fur right into your house like an uninvited guest. Lucky for you, there are ways you can reduce your pet’s allergy factor, including by:

  • Taking your pet outside for a daily brushing
  • Washing your pet once a week
  • Washing pet bedding and toys weekly
  • Keeping your pet out of the bedroom

Everything You Need to Know About Springtime and Allergies

So why do people get allergies, anyway? It’s because some people’s immune systems overreact to allergens like pollen. When you breathe in pollen or spores, your body goes into danger mode and creates antibodies to fight the contamination.

That in turn prompts the creation of histamines, which lead to runny noses, coughing, sneezing, and other allergic reactions, all because your body is trying to expel that uninvited guest. And to make matters worse, springtime pollen can travel for several miles on the wind, which is why windy days are worse for symptoms, and why you could live in a hypoallergenic neighborhood and still react when you're outside.

Here at C. Woods Company, we know how uncomfortable seasonal allergies can be. We know it’s a losing battle to fight all the sneezes, to wipe away all the tears, and to try to stop your nose from running. But luckily, you don’t have to. Even if you suffer from spring allergies, you can still keep your symptoms under control by keeping allergens out of your house.

For help picking or installing filters or purifiers to keep the air clean in your Tyler, TX home, give C. Woods Company a call at 903-593-0246.