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Kitchen Plumbing Tips- How To Buy A New Garbage Disposal | C. Woods Company

What to Look For in a Garbage Disposal

Kitchen plumbing can have a lot of mystery to it when you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the plumbing basics. One portion of it that goes unnoticed much of the time is the garbage disposal. When kitchen remodel is due, however, a garbage disposal can make its way to the top of the list.

Whether a homeowner is remodeling their kitchen, or they need a new garbage disposal to replace the old one, there are many factors to consider. Usually, garbage disposals go under the radar as a part of kitchen plumbing.

Many homeowners believe that a new installation is as easy as picking the first cost-efficient option they see. However, there is a lot more to it than that, and with modern technology at work, there are many new benefits that were not available before.

Noise Level Of A Garbage Disposal

There was a time when homeowners did not have a choice regarding the noise level of their garbage disposal. Now, however, the better the garbage disposal, the less noise it will make. A garbage disposal’s noise level is rated via decibel (dB). The lower the dB, the quieter the unit will be.

noise levelThere are a few things that go into the dB level of a garbage disposal.
  • Insulation- The majority of the noise coming from garbage disposals is from the grinding mechanism. The better the unit is insulated, the quieter the entire unit will be. The motor, on the other hand, is usually quiet and does not require as much insulation
  • Batch Feeds- There are two types of feeds; batch feed and continuous feed. Batch feeds tend to be quieter, but newer continuous feeds have also been manufactured with a lower dB level.
  • Mountings- The mountings used to secure the garbage disposal can play a big role in noise level. Rubber mountings are the best as they absorb the vibrations put off by the appliance.
  • Sinks- Though you may not have realized it, the sink plays a role in the sound level. A good rule of thumb is the heavier a sink is the more it will be able to muffle the vibrations caused by the garbage disposal.

What About Motor Size?

When looking at the different motor sizes available for garbage disposals, homeowners tend to pick the size that best suits their family. Though this may seem like common sense, it is not always the best option.

Garbage disposal's motor strength is measured by horsepower. There are a variety of garbage disposals, and the ones that are ¾ and 1 horsepower are the biggest and tend to have the most benefits.

motor size

Larger units are able to dispose of more food and waste as they can handle the solid matter. They are usually equipped with stainless steel grinding parts that also gives them a longer lifespan. Garbage disposals with smaller motors are typically prone to clogs and jams. Clogs can even go as deep as the main sewer line.

Pick A Realistic Warranty

warrantyA warranty is an important part of the decision-making process; especially when purchasing larger appliances such as kitchen plumbing equipment. Factory warranties can vary depending on the manufacturer.

They can offer set lengths of time, full coverage replacement, parts replacement, and discounted maintenance options. Depending on the retailer, you may also have the option of aftermarket warranties that are covered by the store you purchased the garbage disposal.

This can also be anywhere from a few additional years of coverage to full replacement or refund in case of failure. When it comes to warranties, taking into consideration how often you will use the garbage disposal, the average life span of the appliance and the model that was chosen should all play a role.

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