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Homeowner’s Tips for Having Fun in the Summer Without Wasting Water

2conserveHomeowner’s Tips for Having Fun in the Summer Without Wasting Water

The goal for most homeowners across the country is to reduce their water consumption. The rising price of water for the average property owner is making it essential to conserve this valuable resource. But, homeowners can still enjoy their summer water play without wasting water. In this latest post, our experts will provide more tips on how you can enjoy time playing in the water outside while conserving usage.

Play with Sprinklers While Watering Grass

3sprinklers Your home sprinklers play an important role in keeping your lawn and flowers in peak condition. But, overuse of the sprinkler system can cause you to over use your water supplies.

Make sure that your children only play with the sprinkler while it’s being used to water the grass. This will ensure that water isn’t being wasted during play time when the grass and flowers are being nourished.

Use Wet Sponges Not Water Balloons

One of the reasons many homeowners overuse water during the summer season is because of good old balloon fights. While these playful fights can be fun, they are also a significant drain on local water resources.

To play your role in helping to conserve water in your region, make sure that you use wet sponges instead of water balloons. Wet sponges are soft enough that they won’t injure anyone during play time and they can be reused without having to waste a significant amount of water.

Choose Smaller Water Guns Over Hose Play

4outdoorPlaying with the garden hose might be a fun experience for children, but the hose can waste a large amount of water while playing. This can mean that homeowners waste several gallons while their children are playing. Instead of taking the hose out for play time this summer season, why not have kids use smaller water guns instead?

Small water guns can be filled with a little amount of water each time and only release water when used, limiting the amount of waste.

By following the guidelines in this post, you can find new ways to enjoy your local water resources responsibly this summer.