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Important History of the White House Plumbing | C. Woods Company

The Most Interesting Facts About the White House Plumbing

The history of indoor plumbing might not seem interesting initially, but homeowners might find these historical facts especially interesting! The White House was one of America's first homes to have indoor plumbing, and its history does not disappoint. Homeowners can learn a little about plumbing history and White House history on this President's Day. Not to mention they may even learn a little about their own plumbing system. If none of the information is new, the history is sure to instill some appreciation for plumbing systems in general. 

The Installation of Running Water

The installation of running water in the White House served as one of the single greatest advancements to happen to it. It symbolized the beginning of many monumental advancements to come, not just for the White House but everyone. The year was 1833, and running water was essentially so the home could have clean drinking water at its disposal and water to fill buckets with to extinguish fires. 

Soon after the White House received this advancement, they quickly designated a room and called it "the bathing room." The bathing room featured a hot and cold bath and a shower. Copper boilers were lit with fires underneath to heat the water.

There's no question how medieval this sounds. It's hard to think of a time when hot water didn't immediately flow out of the faucet or a time when there wasn't a flushing toilet. But once the advancements began, things moved rather quickly for the White House's plumbing. It wasn't long before the home saw a flushing toilet for the first time. 

The First Indoor Toilet

The White House had an indoor toilet before it had running water installed. The house workers would fetch water from outside the home to bring back for things like: 

  • Clean drinking water
  • Showers and bathing
  • Putting out fires
  • Washing away waste


The same year the "bathing room" was coined, the White House also saw its first flushing toilet. Gone were the days of fetching buckets of water, and all thanks to Milliard Fillmore in 1853. He is known for saying that the White House was behind the times, and the advancements were long overdue. 

More Interesting Facts!letters

The White House is a home with a lot of history. Here are a few more fun facts that homeowners might not know:

  • George Washington never lived in the White House or "Presidential Palace." It wasn't ready until 1800. 
  • The house is six stories high, with 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms.
  • It takes 570 gallons to paint the outside of the home


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