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Filling The House With Holiday Decorations For Your Plumbing | C. Woods Company

holiday plumbing decoration

Holiday Plumbing Decorations to Fill Every Corner

At this time of year, holiday decorations line the halls of the stores and the halls of people’s homes. Some people spend hours upon hours hanging lights, putting up multiple Christmas trees, and setting out other decorations to fill literally every single corner of the house. Others just like to do the bare minimum.

Whichever way people choose, many would agree that there are a few unsightly plumbing fixtures that they would like to have covered up. They are kind of bulky and grim-looking, so they don’t exactly blend in with the rest of the holiday decor. But don’t fear! There are many ways that homeowners can use holiday decorations to cover up various plumbing fixtures. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Hiding Outdoor Plumbing Pipes

outdoor plumbingWhen most people think about the plumbing system, they think that all of the pipes are in the walls or under the ground. Though this is the case for most pipes, there are a few outdoor plumbing pipes that many houses have. These outdoor plumbing pipes may consist of a faucet that hooks up to a hose in the backyard, outdoor sprinkler system pipes, or the cover of a well, for homes that have a well instead of city water.

For the pipes that lay along the side of the house, one of the best ways to cover them up is with a large trellis. It covers the appearance, but still allows for easy access to the pipes if needed. Some people will even wrap vines throughout the trellis to add a bit more greenery to the yard.

For pipes that lay along the ground or covers that lay flat on the ground, try placing something over the top of it to cover it up. Many people will plant trees or flowers around it. But for a quick fix, place something over the top of it. This could even be as simple as parking a wheelbarrow filled with a few Christmas decorations over the top of the plumbing system cover.

Dressing Up the Kitchen Faucet

Though kitchen plumbing isn't as big of an eyesore as outdoor plumbing pipes, some people still like to dress them up, especially since the kitchen tends to be the most decorated room in the house during the holidays. For those who are really feeling crafty, try sewing together a decorative tube of fabric that fits over the faucet spout. For example, one may sew together a tube of blue fabric, glue on little white sequins or snowflakes and wha-la!

kitchen faucet

The snow is falling on the kitchen faucet! For those who aren’t DIY’ers and don’t want something on the faucet itself, try placing decorations behind it instead. Whether it’s a few candles, a small plant, or a stuffed snowman, the eye will be drawn to the decoration itself rather than to the faucet.

Adding Some Spice to the Bathroom Plumbing

bathroom plumbingSince the bathroom is a popular stop during holiday parties, it makes sense to decorate the bathroom plumbing fixtures too!

For those who like a good laugh, hang up a new shower curtain with a giant picture of Santa, or tape some wrapping paper and a bow to the toilet seat cover.

For a more sophisticated look, decorate the bathroom by placing a candle, wreath, or other small objects on top of the toilet bowl cover; the toilet will look like something out of a magazine.

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