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Benefits of Replacing Your AC and Heating at the Same Time

Benefits of Replacing Your AC and Heating at the Same Time

When your air conditioner or furnace gives out, and you realize that you need to replace it, should you replace your furnace at the same time and be done with it?

While there are potential cost benefits to replacing all of your HVAC components at the same time, each situation is unique, and you should consider the factors before you decide.

Air conditioners last about 10-15 years, while furnaces can last a little longer (close to 20). Should you try to get a couple more years out of your HVAC. Think these points over:

Some Benefits of Replacing at the Same Time

“isittime”Do you have a matched system? Even if you might be able to squeeze a couple more years out of your air conditioner (or vice versa), you may want to replace them both at the same time so that they have matched systems.

Matched components complement each other and sometimes share parts, which can increase efficiency. Speaking of efficiency, if you have an older unit, whether it is the air conditioning or the furnace, you should consider upgrading them both at the same time. That is because there have been a number of technological advances over the last several years in energy efficiency.

That means that an HVAC system that you buy today will run better and cost less to operate than a unit you bought years ago. Installation costs are generally lower if you combine your jobs into one as well. Not to mention, getting this job done all at once is more convenient and easier to manage.

Talk to a Technician

The most pragmatic way to decide what you should do is to talk to a trained HVAC technician who can help you to determine exactly how long you might have left with your current air conditioner/ furnace. This could help you more accurately predict your future.

There is a Downside

“whatpros”The one consideration about replacing your entire HVAC unit at once is that it is a substantial upfront cost, which can be hard to manage, especially if it isn’t a cost that you were anticipating.

Aging furnaces and air conditioners tend to fail when we don’t expect them to, especially if you haven’t been doing ongoing preventative maintenance.

But when you consider the potential cost savings that you will get in operating costs with a new air conditioner and a new furnace, it might make the costs more digestible. Want to learn more about how preventative maintenance can help you extend the life of your HVAC and save you money? In Tyler, TX call us today.