Walk-In Tubs, Tyler, TX and East Texas

Make your life easy and safe with a Walk-In Tub!

Everyday people are injured, often severely and sometimes fatally by falls encountered in the tub. Walk In tubs are designed to remove the things that can cause accidents. No more stepping over tub walls. No more need for wall railing that sometimes fails. Walk In tubs make is safe and easy for you to enter and exit the tub without obstructions.

Well-built and long-lasting Walk-In Tubs.

We sell and install Access brand walk in tubs. We chose this brand simply due to the high quality of the product. Hand built tubs using the finest materials and being finished properly means we can feel confident about installing these tubs in your home. .

Affordable and complete installation of your new Walk-In Tub.

Our tubs and installations are affordably priced. The variety of the product lines allows us to fit any budget and any bathroom. Our installers are well trained and will work with you to make the installation process painless, simple, and clean.

Walk-In Tubs are great for the elderly, athletes, rehabilitation and you!

Aside from being easy to enter and exit, walk in tubs are great for people who need a fast way to enjoy rehabilitating bath. In some medical cases this type of tube is ideal for ongoing rehabilitation. Of course one of the best features is the relaxation factor. Sit back and relax... in your new walk in tub!

If you would like more information, please contact us today.

Access Walk-In Tubs by C. Woods Company

View more tub details at the Access Walk In Tubs website.

Walk-In Tubs
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