The Buck Stove is an American Institution

The Buck Stove has enjoyed a long tenure at the top of American Made Stoves. Their stoves are designed to be simple, long lasting, and beautiful in appearance. Nothing sets off a warm home like a wood burning stove or fireplace. Buck Stoves are by far the best wood stove on the market and the C. Woods Company is proud to be a dealer for this American institution.

Stoves and Fireplaces by Buck Stove

People really like a wood burning stove or fireplace and some prefer the convenience of a natural gas or propane fired unit. Buck Stove even manufactures Coal burning stoves for residential and industrial use. One of their unique fireplaces is also "vent-free" and can be used in any room of your home including bedrooms. Their stoves are available in catalytic wood burning and non-catalytic wood burning as well as a coal burning unit. There is nothing more relaxing than a cold night and a warm glowing fire. These units will help you relax, reduce your energy costs, and add some additional comfort for you and your family to relax to. Call Us Today to learn more about the features and advantages of the Buck Stove manufactured stoves and fireplaces.

We are a certified dealer for Buck Stoves

We have been in the home gas fireplace business for quite a while and we have always been aware of the high quality Buck Stove line. These stoves are made in a foundry in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Sprucepine, North Carolina. Made with traditional craftsmanship of an era long gone, these stoves and fireplaces are designed to last a lifetime, each with a warranty backed by a strong company. We are sure our customers will want a new Buck Stove or Fireplace for their home and we are the dealer to bring them to you! Please call us at 903-593-0246 or use our Contact Us form here at our website to ask any question you may have or to request more information.

Order, delivery, and installation of the Buck Stove

Aside from being a Buck Stove Dealer for Tyler, Texas, we are also an air conditioning, heating, and plumbing company. We are able to provide the fireplace or stove, deliver it to your home or jobsite, install an/or connect natural gas lines when needed, and we are there after the sale to help you if you have questions or need anything at all. We work with the homeowner, the architect, the home builder, or the remodeler to specify and choose the right stove or fireplace for your needs and the associated components that are required for installation and operation of the Buck Stove products.

Care an Maintenance for your wood burning Buck Stove

An owners manual comes with every Buck Stove or Fireplace we sell that details how the stove operates and how to maintain and clean it. There is not much need for ongoing maintenance other than cleaning because these stoves are built to be simple and durable. Taking care of your stove is easy and the main thing you need to do is make sure you have read the manual and keep abreast of safety concerns.

Advantages of a wood burning stove

The advantages to a wood burning stove or fireplace is they offer the best warmth you will feel. The crackling of the wood as it burns, the wonderful smell that makes you feel safe and comfortable. These stoves will do more than keep you warm, they also reduce your overall energy costs by reducing the overall use of your home heating system. The Buck Stove also is aestectically pleasing and a conversation piece when friends and family come to visit.

Gas Fireplaces are a low cost alternative for heating your home.

Natural gas, or propane burning fireplaces are very safe and they provide the warmth and comfort your family will prefer. A gas fireplace is a simple system to maintain and it is also a wonderful part of your home. You will find yourself wanting to light the fireplace more and more as you realize the until will keep you from having to run your heating system as often. Natural gas is one of the cheapest forms of fuels you can use today. Using your gas fireplace will reduce the costs of heating your home.

Buck Stoves at the best prices

We offer the best prices on your new Buck Stove or Fireplace. We work with you to make sure the product we provide is the right unit for you and it fits your budget. A wood burning stove or a gas fireplace are improvements to your home and their value is carried forward should you sale your home. The warranties are strong and your new stove or fireplace will be backed by a strong local dealer and a nationally known manufacturer.

Where to find a Buck Stove in East Texas

If you are in the Eastern part of Texas or Western Louisiana, the C. Woods Company is your dealer for Buck Stoves and Fireplaces. We are located at:

C. Woods Company

2201 East Erwin  Tyler, TX  75702

Toll Free: 1-800-219-0137
903-593-0246  Fax: 903-593-2399



Here are more models of the Buck Stove and Buck Stove Fireplaces

Buck Stove
Vent Free Gas Fireplace

Buck Stove
Vented Gas Fireplaces


Buck Stove


Buck Stove




Buck Stove


For more details on Buck Stoves and Fireplaces,
please visit the manufacturers website.

For your new Buck Stove or Fireplace, Call the C. Woods Company
in Tyler, Texas at (903) 593-0246

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